Trust Brooke & Struble, PC to Protect Your Rights

Have you been charged with a crime? However minor or serious your charges, consult with our experienced Muncie law firm, where you can find a legal team who prioritizes the protection of your interests. Brooke & Struble, PC has served the Muncie community for over thirty years with aggressive criminal defense representation.

Some of the criminal defense charges we represent include:

Providing Honest Legal Counsel for All Criminal Charges

If not handled appropriately, even a minor misdemeanor charge can harm your record for years to come. Do not make the mistake of thinking your charge is too “minor” to require the counsel of a criminal attorney. With our experience and skill, we can quickly identify the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. These weaknesses can sometimes lead to a reduced sentence or a complete case dismissal.

Contact us as soon as possible to get the legal support you need.

I’ve Been Arrested, Now What?

In the event of an arrest, the most important thing you can do is to cooperate respectfully with law enforcement officials. After you have been processed, you may find yourself in a cell awaiting your first hearing. This usually happens within 48 hours of an arrest. During that hearing, the judge usually reads your charges and ask if you would like to enter a plea.

As soon as you are offered the opportunity, request to contact your criminal defense attorney in Muncie, Brooke & Struble, PC. The sooner you are able to retain our counsel, the better your chances are for building the best possible defense.