Get Our Attorneys on Your Side

Citizens often voice their concerns over local, federal, or state government operations. For both the municipalities and for citizens, it is recommended to enlist the services of an experienced municipal law attorney. Proper navigation of these cases can only be completed by a seasoned municipal law attorney. At Brooke & Struble, PC we offer access to Muncie municipal attorneys with decades of experience successfully handling these cases.

Handling All Aspects of Municipal Law Cases

Real estate law and land use permits are just a few of the municipal law cases we are able to represent at Brooke-Stevens, PC. Our services are comprehensive for your convenience. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all of our clients, both fireworks-related and for other general municipal law cases.

We provide legal counsel for municipal cases involving:

  • Tax laws
  • Civil rights laws and violations
  • Laws pertaining to education
  • Zoning laws that govern small business start-ups
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Permits applications for sales and distribution of fireworks
  • Police operations
  • Budgeting regulations for local businesses
  • Municipal charter negotiations
  • Environmental laws
  • Focused Attention for Municipal Law Issues

Since 1984, we have provided Muncie with legal counsel regarding attempts of the local municipalities to hinder the fireworks industry’s ability to successfully conduct business. For example, laws regarding specific fireworks taxes would dramatically impact fireworks sales and productivity. We assist several local fireworks businesses with navigating many laws targeted at fireworks taxes, compliance regulations, land use requirements, and other issues that involve dealings with the local municipalities.