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Brooke & Struble, PC, a law firm in Muncie, Indiana, handles cases involving insurance defense claims. We handle a wide variety of insurance defense claims including such cases as product liability and auto accident claims. Attorney John H. Brooke also provides IP, trademarks, and copyright law services for fireworks dealers and businesses.

Our law firm is a one-stop shop which provides insurance defense for insurance companies on a wide variety of legal issues. Muncie insurance defense attorney John H. Brooke has in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and extensive experience handling legal issues for insurance companies.

Indiana Insurance Dispute Attorney

Attorney John H. Brooke handles insurance defense claims regarding any type of personal injury or property damage. He has handled a wide variety of cases including such cases as rear-end collisions and claims where a barn or other structure has collapsed with significant property damage. More complex claims that John Brooke litigates involve fires and explosions, especially if fireworks set a house on fire, or a fireworks manufacturing plant or warehouse blows up causing a fire. Attorney Brooke can deftly litigate insurance coverage disputes.

We have represented a wide variety of cases, including:

  • Rear-end collisions.
  • Structure collapse.
  • Accidents which lead to property damage.
  • Fires and explosions, especially involving fireworks accidents.
  • Explosions of fireworks manufacturing plants.

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If you have questions regarding insurance defense, call lawyer John H. Brooke at (800) 181-0900, or fill out the online form on this website for a free, initial case consultation. We will review your case and all of your options with their respective benefits and drawbacks, and any alternatives to the legal process that may be available for your issues. Our firm accepts Visa and MasterCard as payment for legal services.