Criminal Defense Law Firm Protecting Muncie

With Brooke-Stevens, PC, you find a criminal law defense firm that prioritizes the protection and preservation of your rights in all minor crimes charges. Whether this is a first or repeat offense, retaining the services of an experienced legal counsel can make the difference in your conviction.

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Even Minor Crimes Require Legal Representation

Often, individuals who face minor crimes charges elect not to retain legal counsel, either because they think they can fight it on their own, or because they think the crime is too minor to warrant counsel. Unfortunately, in these cases, the sentences are almost always more severe than they would have been. Criminal defense attorneys are specifically trained and practiced in the defense of your rights. We target rights violations and improperly conducted cases and can often find defense strategies that either reduce or dismiss your case.

A misdemeanor criminal conviction can result in:

  • Problems with job applications in the future.
  • Problems with housing applications.
  • Conflict with receiving government benefits.
  • College application or other professional development.
  • Fines up to $5000 and/or up to 180 days in jail.

A Misdemeanor Can Follow You Your Whole Life

Common misdemeanors include possession of a large amount of a controlled substance, public intoxication, OWI or DUI, possession of a fake ID, or most traffic offenses. An underage college student who is caught using a fake ID might be tempted to pay the fine and move on; however, the crime may end up causing you unforeseen problems in the future. Your best chance at protecting your record is in retaining our legal counsel. We can help you navigate your misdemeanor charges, and find the defense that best protects your future.